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For more than twenty years, Marketing Java in Boulder, Colorado has helped small businesses get and keep more customers.
We build websites, manage and train in social media, and provide honest and effective marketing consulting.
By taking the best of traditional business know-how and blending it with the latest in digital and web technology, you get the perfect combination of marketing expertise for your business.

Success in Marketing is About Using the Right Tools for The Job
There are remarkable tools, tasty applications, and crazy-great resources that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, and new ones become available on the scene every day. With such innovation, choosing the right tools and the right path can be overwhelming and we know it’s hard sometimes to discern between what’s fluff and what will really work for your company without destroying your marketing budget.

  • Which things are passing fads that don’t deserve your time?
  • Which marketing trends are here to stay?
  • Do you have to learn a bunch of new things and who will help you?
  • How will you get the most from your marketing budget?

By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we help answer these questions so you avoid needless pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Work With Us and Get Answers and Results
Get in touch today and let’s talk about your business. We believe you’ll find our brand of honesty and sound business sense a refreshing departure from what litters the Internet and probably your inbox. We even offer a free consult, so you have nothing to lose.

(Oh, and what’s the deal with the cupcake? Well, we just like ‘em.)